What is CDSV?
The CDSV Nuclear Exchange Program was formed in 1994 at the direction of the chief nuclear officers of Carolina Power & Light Co., Duke Power Co., South Carolina Electric & Gas Co., and Virginia Power Co., to find new and better ways to enhance plant safety and quality, and increase nuclear electricity generation while lowering overall nuclear productions costs. CDSV participants believe these objectives may be accomplished through mutually beneficial benchmarking activities and the open exchange of best industry practices. Participating utilities in the CDSV Nuclear Exchange Program each expect to achieve higher level of plant operations, excellence through inter-utility teamwork and the mutual exchange of information, resources, and services.

Nuclear plants represented in the exchange are CP&L’s Harris, H.B. Robinson, and Brunswick; the Oconee, Catawba and McGuire stations operated by Duke Power, SCE&G’s Summer; and Virginia Power’s Surry and North Anna. Together they represent more than 14,500 MW of nuclear electricity generation. This is 14 percent of total installed U.S. nuclear generation, 4 percent of installed global nuclear capacity.
Utility Name Contact Information
CP&L Cindy Sharp Phone 919-546-2322
E-mail cindy_sharp@pgnmail.com
Duke Energy Terry Dimmery Phone 704-382-5814
Fax 704-382-4360
E-mail trdimmer@duke-energy.com
SCE&G Robert J. (Bob) Waselus Phone 803-345-4115
E-mail rwaselus@scana.com
Dominion Arthur (Art) Friedman Phone 804-273-2701
Fax 804-273-3752
E-mail arthur_friedman@dom.com

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